Author: Travis Young
Last Updated: December, 2022

Spy cameras, also known as hidden cameras, are a key security item, sweeping the country. Whether it’s for safety purposes or to check in on the kids, families are now turning to this product to keep tabs on what’s happening at home.

Safety and security are the main reasons this item is being installed in homes and offices as it is a great way to monitor your home and family. With the evolution of technology, spy cameras are now able to be discreetly placed in any part of your home.

There are many other reasons people are installing these devices in their homes; whether it is to gather evidence on a certain situation or simply to see what the nanny is up to with the children while you’re at work.

Today, these cameras have multiple features and it can be difficult to know which one is the best for you. This guide will assist you in selecting the right spy camera by going through the top-ranked brands as well as reviewing key features.  We will also address various FAQ’s as well as the general legalities surrounding the installation and usage of this product.

Whether you are looking to protect your home, investigate a situation, guard your office, or simply keep tabs on what is happening at the office or at home, a spy cam is an ideal product for you.

Based on our research and reviews, the best spy cameras for 2022 are:

  1. BSTCAM Mini Spy Camera
  2. SZMDLX Mini WiFi Spy Camera
  3. Rettru WiFi Spy Camera
  4. Panoraxy Music WiFI Hidden Spy Camera

BSTCAM Mini Spy Camera

BSTCAM Spy Hidden 1080P
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SZMDLX Mini WiFi Spy Camera

SZMDLX Hidden Spy Camera WiFi Mini Camera
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Rettru WiFi Spy Camera

Rettru Wifi Spy Cam
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Panoraxy Music WiFi Hidden Spy Camera

Panoraxy WiFi Hidden Spy Camera
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Best Spy Cameras 2022 – Reviews

1. BSTCAM mini Spy Camera

This small, discreet and easy to use spy cam is a leader in its market. With 1080p video resolution, it is perfect to use both indoors and outdoors.

It features three clip types, making it extremely dynamic, allowing you to place it on a household item, a car or even on clothing.

With an extended battery life of 90 minutes, this device can also charge whilst being used.

What sets this spy cam ahead of the rest is its unique interchangeable video resolution feature. This allows you to easily switch from 1920*1080P to 1280*720P without hassle.

The continuous and motion detection recording allows you to conduct continuous recording or simply record when the motion detector is activated.

The small and compact design makes it the perfect item to be used for just about any situation while still remaining incredibly discreet.

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BSTCAM Spy Hidden 1080P

Main Features

  • 1080P FHD video resolution
  • Pinhole lens
  • Mobile remote view
  • Motion detection
  • Continuous record feature
  • Enhanced night vision


  • Easy to use interchangeable video resolution 1920*1080P /1280*720P
  • Discreet pinhole lens
  • Ideal for indoor and outdoor use
  • Small and compact size


  • No WiFi function
  • SD card not included

2. SZMDLX Mini WiFi Spy Camera

This dynamic mini spy camera is ideal if you’re looking for a second pair of eyes to make sure your home and family are safe and secure at all times. With superior WiFi and hotspot connection, you will not miss a moment with this camera.

Its multi-function design has a 170° wide-angle lens, giving you a large scope when recording during the day or night. For those looking to document and archive footage, this camera supports a 128GB micro SD card, supporting loop video recording and can work for up to 110 minutes after a full charge.

It includes a smartphone application allowing you to have access to your system remotely, at any time. The app functions on both Android and iOS operating systems.

This easy to use system allows you to take pictures in 12MP resolution. It also offers you a variety of video recording resolutions ranging from 4K to 720P, allowing you to switch from resolution depending on what you require.

When it comes to night vision, this spy camera has superior capabilities. It is equipped with 7pcs lightless infrared LED lights, ensuring you are able to guard your home at any time of night up to a range of 20m.

Like other market leaders, this spy camera has high-quality motion detection. The camera will start recording as soon as any movement or motion is detected, immediately saving photos. At the same time it will sound an alarm and send you all the details within moments.

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SZMDLX Hidden Spy Camera WiFi Mini Camera

Main Features

  • Small and discreet camera design
  • 1080p FHD video resolution
  • Night vision infrared camera
  • Increased motion detection


  • Easy to use design
  • The 0.87in, 0.7oz cube design makes it one of the smallest on the market
  • Night vision capabilities
  • Enhanced loop recording capabilities
  • Superior battery life


  • SD storage card not included

3. Rettru WiFi Spy Camera

The Rettru Spy Camera is ideal if you’re looking for a discreet and lightweight device for around the home or at work. You can easily use it as a nanny cam or office cam and its flexible camera extension means the 14mm lens can be adjusted to any angle.

For storage, the camera supports up to 128GB micro SD cards or you can integrate it with Ali Cloud for cloud storage. This means with a portable USB power pocket you can set this device up in your car or in a temporary position if required. If using the SD card, once full the camera will start overwriting the oldest files on the device.

From a features point of view, the Rettru spy cam comes with motion detection and push notifications to your device if motion is detected. This means it can also double up as a discreet home spy camera if required.

Overall the Rettru is a cost effective spy cam with the flexibility to be used in several different scenarios depending on what you need.

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Rettru Spy Cameras

Main Features

  • Plug & play
  • Motion sensor & auto detection
  • Supports up to 32G memory cards
  • One button operation
  • Wide angle lens
  • Loop recording
  • Charging during use
  • Portable
  • Up to 1080p resolution & 30FPS


  • Easy to use and charge
  • Wide angle 1080p lens
  • Easy to move
  • Supports up to 32G


  • No indicator of what side is up
  • SD card not included
  • Cloud storage required Ali Cloud

4. Panoraxy Music WiFi Hidden Spy Camera

The Panoraxy Wifi Hidden Spy Camera is chocked full of features and is discreet as they come. With an invisible lens integrated into a conspicuous radio/music box, this device can seamlessly blend into a home or work environment. This makes it ideal for nanny monitoring, seniors, pets,home and office.

From a technical perspective, Panoraxy ticks all the boxes with a 720p resolution picture quality and a viewing angle of 80 degrees. It comes with a rechargeable battery enabling the device to be used on and off a power supply.  The camera comes with a 1 Megapixel sensor which gives you motion detection capabilities. Perfect for monitoring certain areas of your home or workspace when you aren’t around. In addition to this, the night vision mode enables visibility of up to 10metres.

The device comes with a free for both iOS and Android. This enables playboth via both the SD and through WiFi via the app. This means live monitoring if you so wish.

In summary, the Panoraxy Music Hidden Camera ticks a lot of boxes and comes in a mid-range price point.

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Panoraxy Music WiFI Hidden Spy Camera

Main Features

  • Indoor spy camera
  • Operates as an alarm & wireless speaker
  • Rechargeable battery
  • Night Vision
  • Live Streaming
  • Motion detection
  • Supports up to 64gb micro SD card
  • Viewing angle of 85 degrees
  • 720p resolution imagery


  • Discreet camera
  • Operates as an alarm and speaker
  • Live streaming via an app
  • Rechargeable battery


  • Only indoor use
  • Can’t be transported or concealed on person
  • Manual could be clearer

Video Doorbell

Why Should You Buy a Spy Camera?

There are many reasons that could lead you to purchase a spy camera. Many people assume that the main use for spy cameras are for investigation purposes or to keep tabs on what is happening at home. In reality, there is a wide scope of usages for this dynamic product.

Globally, more people are turning to spy cameras to help them in their workplace, for entertainment or simply in their day-to-day lives.

Top 10 reasons consumers are installing spy cameras:

Home Security

People are integrating spy cameras into their home security to add additional and inexpensive surveillance. Due to their small size and unobtrusive nature, these cameras can be set up just about anywhere, without imposing on your day to day life.

Child Carer Monitoring

Whilst keeping within the legalities surrounding spy cameras, parents are now turning to spy cameras as a means to keep tabs on their nanny’s whilst they are at work. The spy cameras prove to be a trusted and reliable way of ensuring that your nanny or child carer is doing their job correctly, providing parents with peace of mind.

In a Business Environment

Companies are now turning to spy cameras for many purposes ranging from protecting employee property to monitoring stock rooms. Spy cameras are an inexpensive way of protecting both the property and the employees alike.

For Lectures and Meetings

In larger classrooms or meeting rooms there are likely to be spy cams installed. The main reason for this is to ensure that the lecture or conference is recorded for later review.

Wildlife Watching

For those who are interested in wildlife, spy cameras are an ideal product to ensure you get the best shot or footage. Outdoor spy cameras will enable you to get never before seen angles, shots or video footage.

Cameras with Night Vision

With the rise of covert camera technology, night vision spy cameras are becoming a popular way of monitoring your house or offices safety at night. With night vision spy cameras, you are able to record any outdoor activity, any part of the night, ensuring maximum safety and security.

Discover Unwanted Pests

In many homes, unruly pests or pets can be responsible for disturbances around your home. With a spy camera, you will be able to monitor the disturbance and decipher what is causing it.

Data Collection and Marketing

Large companies use spy cameras to record customer service and interactions. Understanding consumer needs is a key way to enhance and grow your business. By using spy cameras you can get a deeper look into how employees and consumers are engaging with your brand or product.

For Viral Videos

With the rise of social media, Youtubers, and viral videos, spy cameras contribute significantly to this industry. Viral video makers are now using spy cameras to catch people unaware in a prank or a funny situation. This captures their natural response and can be used for entertainment purposes.

Environmental Studies

Environmental campaigners and scientists are now using covert cameras as a means to assess the habits of animals as well as the ever-changing natural landscapes. By using more advanced spy cameras with features such as time lapses and long exposure images, environmentalists are able to capture images and footage over long periods of time that are not accessible on a day-to-day basis.


Spy Cameras: Our Buyers Guide

Video and Image

When investing in a spy camera, it is important to identify what you will be using it for. This will decide what type of video and image resolution you will require.

If you are unsure, it is advisable to purchase a spy camera with a medium to high video and image resolution. This way you will ensure that you are never limited during the day or at night.

For those looking to take pictures, it is important to note that not all spy cameras are able to capture still images.

For consumers requiring a variety of resolutions for different times of the day or different situations, it is advisable to purchase a spy camera with interchangeable resolution options. This gives you the full control over your camera’s resolution, at any time.


It is recommended to purchase a spy camera with two-way communication functionality. This gives you full flexibility over your device, allowing you to communicate directly with those at home from any distance. A built-in mic and speaker are a must when purchasing a new spy camera.

Motion Detection

For those who only want to use their spy camera when there is movement and activity in the room, it is important to purchase a camera that has motion detection. This enables the device to record only when movement is detected. This feature removes the need for unnecessary footage with no activity recorded.

An additional feature that stands out amongst many spy cameras is the push notification feature. This feature will send you an alert to your device of choice as soon as any movement is detected. This gives you up to date information about what is going on at home and allows you to respond immediately in the case of a crisis.

Infrared Night Vision Capabilities

A key feature that most spy cameras include is IR night vision, offering you crystal clear image resolution even on the darkest nights. This is perfect for people looking to monitor their backyard or garage, or simply to get clear images of the house at night.

Storage Space

In some cases, you may want to archive the footage that has been recorded. If this is the case, it is imperative you purchase a spy camera that includes or supports a memory card. This will allow you to record and store all footage, which can be played back or reviewed in the future.

Outdoor and Weather-Proof Design

For consumers wishing to use their spy camera for the exterior of your home, it is important to purchase a camera with a minimum IP65 weatherproof rating. This will ensure that your camera can withstand any weather conditions, ranging from heavy rain to blue skies.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the Security Cameras Laws in Australia?

Being a very security conscious country, Australia is no stranger to IP security cameras, both in the workplace and at home. It is now becoming more important that people are aware of the relevant security and camera privacy laws and regulations surrounding these cameras.

When installing these cameras in the workplace, or for your business, you will need to make the presence of your camera known. Any personal information that may be recorded must be kept private and secure and should be destroyed when it is no longer needed.

When installing spy cameras in your home, make absolutely sure that you are only monitoring your own property. There should be no cases where your camera is overlooking anyone else property.

What is the Difference Between a Wired and a Wireless Camera?

Wireless cameras include a built-in transmitter that automatically sends the video signal to the receiver. The receiver then connects to your recording or viewing device.

A wired camera, however, has a video cable that runs directly from the camera to your recording or viewing device, such as a VCR or DVR, or simply a monitor.

Will a Cordless Phone Interfere with my Wireless Camera?

Only a cordless phone that operates at a frequency of 2.4GHz will cause minor interference with 2.4GHz cameras. Interference is minimal and generally occurs when the phone is placed between the camera and receiver.

What Type of Lens Does a Spy Camera Have?

Generally, spy cameras have very small lenses, ranging from 2.0mm to 2.5mm. Most spy cameras come with a fixed lens.

What is the Transmission Distance of a Wireless Spy Camera?

Commonly, a standard wireless spy camera can transmit data up to 1000 ft. Thanks to advanced technology there are now wireless spy cameras that can transmit up to 2000 ft.