7 Smart Home Devices For Your Pets

By November 8, 2018 Smart Homes

Pets are practically part of the family and as a pet owner, you no doubt want the best for yours. With the help of new smart devices today you can create healthier and happier lives for your furry friends while simultaneously making life more convenient for yourself.

dog at home by itselfGPS Tracking

One of the most important things for pet owners is ensuring the safety and well being of their animal companions. Pets often wander off and can get lost making it difficult for their owners to find and keep them safe. Additionally, you can’t always be around to keep watch over your pets making it difficult to keep tabs on them while you are at work or away from home.

With the aid of new smart GPS pet trackers, you can check your pet’s whereabouts at any given time simply by using your smartphone. With devices such as the Motorola Scout 5000 that makes use of a GPS tracker installed in the dog’s/cat’s collar, you can easily locate your pets and even access live video footage using your smartphone at any given time.

Pet Smart Doors

Giving your pets the freedom to enter and exit the house whenever they like can often come at the expense of your own security and safety. In today’s world, most of us cannot risk leaving our doors open for our pets due to ever-growing security threats.

Pet SmartDoor offers a solution for pet owners with smart pet door technologies that detect your pet and lock/unlock the door accordingly. By equipping the corresponding smart key to your pet’s collar, they can enter and exit your home whenever they wish without compromising your security.

This device can be set to recognise up to five smart keys allowing owners with multiple pets to make use of this device.

Smart Feeder

Your pet’s health is often a product of their diet and eating patterns. Therefore, it is important to manage your pet’s eating schedule to ensure they live a long and happy life. This can be achieved by using smart pet feeding devices such as the Petnet Smart Feeder.

Using this device, pet owners can manage their pet’s eating schedule easily by storing up to 3 kilograms of pet food inside the device. Once stored, the device will automatically dispense food for your pets according to their size, health, dietary requirements etc.

Smart Playtime Devices

While you are at work or away your pets can get lonely or bored and you are often unable to comfort or entertain them. However, using the new smart technology you can now interact with your pets even when you are not home.

Smart pet entertainment devices such as the PetCube Camera allows you to remotely interact with your pets using an app on your smartphone. This device can stream video footage of your pets to your smartphone and it even has a built-in speaker allowing for two-way communication. It also features built-in lasers which you can use to entertain and play with your pets.

Self-entertainment Devices

Sometimes your pets become restless or playful but unfortunately, you do not always have the time to entertain them even if you are home. However, using self-entertainment devices such as the iFetch, your pets can entertain themselves with the aid of a smart electronic device.

This device can shoot a small tennis ball up to 27 meters away for your pet to fetch. Once placed back in the launch tile behind the device, it will shoot the ball again offering endless hours of fun for your pet.

Training is needed to teach your pet how to place the ball back into the device themselves, but luckily the device comes with its own training manual to help guide you through the training process.

Self-cleaning Litter Box

For all the cat owners who hate cleaning litter boxes, the ScoopFree device provides you with a smart solution to the typical manual process of cleaning, emptying and refilling the litter box.

Using this device, once the cat finishes its business little crystals begin absorbing some of the wet and even solid waste. After 20 minutes, the device will automatically move the waste into a covered trap ready to be disposed of without you needing to touch or smell anything.

Pet Training Devices

Training your pets is a normal and often challenging part of being a pet owner especially for those who can’t always be around to ensure their pets are doing what they are supposed to. Thus, with the assistance of the Rufferee System, pet owners can continue to train their pets even when they are not around.

Using the accompanying collar, you can set up three flags around the house that the collar will respond to with a non-harmful vibration indication when your pets approach it. As an example, you would place the flags around the couch if you wanted to train your dog not to jump on it.

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