WiredSmart is a professional comparison and review website. We do in-depth research before writing no bullshit product reviews and comparisons. The results of our editorial reviews are based on objective assessments. While our affiliate relationships may influence the products we choose to review, they do not affect the analysis and opinions of our writers. The reason being is that we value transparency and the trust our readers have in our reviews.

How we test and rate products and brands

WiredSmart utilised a range of factors that lead to a product’s final rating. We use independent research, expert ratings, customer reviews, and industry standards to rate and review the products and brands featured on our site. When this information is not sufficient we do hands on testing to ensure that our review is high quality.

Trustworthiness: WiredSmart determines whether brands or products have been endorsed by other trusted third-party experts. We also explore how reliable and credible each company or product is according to industry standards.

Customer Interaction & Support: We research how each company treats its customers. Our research delves into current reviews and whether or not customer service is readily available, friendly, and informative. We also do mystery shopper calls to test their customer service for ourselves.

Pricing and Inclusions: We compare pricing and fees. We also check for monthly monitoring costs, available rebates and added extras.

Smart Capabilities and Integrations: At WiredSmart our end goal is a fully integrated house. As a result we always take into consideration the smart capabilities of the devices and their ability to integrate into a single home network.

Technology and Equipment: We evaluates companies and products on their current technology, how accessible and compatible the technology is, and if the company or product is a technological leader in its industry.

Value: Lastly and most importantly we determine value for money to ensure our readers get the most bang for their buck.