Seven Home Security Gadgets For Your New Apartment

By October 25, 2018 Home Security

After successfully moving into your new apartment, the next step is to secure your new home against potential intruders and other unwanted guests. This can be a challenging endeavour when considering the many gadgets and security options available today. However, there are a few important gadgets that you can use to greatly improve the security of your new apartment.

modern apartment with viewSmart Locks

Smart locks today offer many added security benefits over their traditional counterparts. One of these benefits includes the ability to lock and unlock your door without the use of a key. This makes it more difficult for intruders to gain access to your apartment by simply acquiring the key.

By using smart locks in your new apartment, you can operate your door using devices such as your smartphone. These devices can be paired together to allow you to lock/unlock your door by simply clicking a button on your smartphone. Additionally, by using smart locks you can unlock your apartment remotely, allowing you to unlock your door for friends, family or even delivery services while you are away.

Smart Delivery Security

It is not uncommon for delivery packages to be left unattended outside your apartment entrance while they wait to be collected. This provides thieves with an opportunity to steal these packages while you are not at home.

The Package Guard is a smart package delivery device that sends notifications to your phone when a package is placed upon it. It can be set up to notify you, or even your neighbours, and sound an alarm should your package be tampered with or removed without authorisation.

Smart Doorbells

Many new smart doorbell gadgets are available that can assist new apartment owners to improve their security systems. One of these gadgets includes the SkyBell doorbell that makes use of your apartments wi-fi connection to monitor and record any activity that it detects near your entrance. This device can be paired with your smartphone and set up to send you notifications whenever someone is near your apartment entrance.

This device also sends pictures of visitors to your smart device whenever the doorbell is activated. This allows you to safely identify and unlock/lock your door after identifying who is there. Additionally, SkyBell is automatically awakened when it detects motion, thus ensuring your apartment is constantly monitored and protected.

Remote Surveillance

Being able to keep an eye on your apartment at any time and place is extremely useful especially for apartment owners with pets or children. By using remote surveillance gadgets such as the Nest Cam, you can view live footage of your apartment at any time and from any location using your smartphone.

This device makes use of a small camera that can be placed anywhere in your apartment and allows you to keep constant watch over it. Additionally, this camera operates 24/7 and can alert you when it detects something while you are away or asleep.

Dog Barking Alarm

One of the most intimidating sounds for any intruder is that of an aggressively barking dog. Thus, new apartment owners can install alarm bells that mimic the sounds of a barking dog and use motion sensors to activate and respond accordingly. For example, as someone approaches your door the alarm will activate and begin growling, and as they get nearer it will bark more aggressively.

An alarm bell such as serves to intimidate potential intruders and dissuade them from attempting to enter your apartment after hearing the terrifying sounds of a large aggressive dog. This acts as an extra deterrent over a typical alarm bell system.

Fake TV Light

Intruders often prefer targeting vacant homes as they are usually easier and less risky to enter than homes with people in them. New apartment owners can install timed light timers that mimic the illuminating glow of televisions to try and create the false impression that someone is always home.

This can be especially useful when you are on holiday or away from your apartment for extended periods of time as these light sources can help discourage intruders from attempting to break into your apartment as they give the impression that someone is home watching television.

Compact Safe

Hiding your valuables under your bed or inside your underwear draw might seem like an easy way to protect your belongings. However, criminals are often able to quickly identify possible hiding spots and find your valuables despite your efforts to conceal them.

As a result, it may be wise to acquire a compact safe for your new apartment to help safely conceal and protect any valuable belongings that you might have lying around. The SentrySafe offers features such as a programmable combination lock as well as a metal security cable to help prevent criminals from easily removing the safe itself.

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