How To Secure Your Home For The Holidays

By April 10, 2019 Home Security

Whether you are staying home for the holidays or making vacation plans to get away, you need to take extra precautions during the holiday seasons. It is common for crime rates to spike during the holiday seasons making it important to take a few extra steps to secure your home and your safety during this these times. 

Keep Gifts And Packaging Out OSight 

It is a common tradition to stack Christmas gifts under a tree however, this can sometimes attract thieves especially if your Christmas tree and their accompanying gifts are not hidden from the sight of passersby. Unfortunately, Christmas trees and gifts that are kept near windows or other visible areas could end up attracting the wrong sort of attention. 

 Although you may want to showcase your holiday spirit to your friends and neighbours, it may be wise to keep your Christmas tree and the gifts out of sight from the outside world. Christmas gifts kept near windows are an easy target for thieves to smash and grab during the holiday seasons. 

 Additionally, you should be careful with the discarded packaging of expensive gifts as this can leave clues regarding the contents of your home. Expensive gift packaging such as smartphone boxes and other electronics should be discarded more carefully as clearly visible expensive gift packaging might attract thieves and other intruders. 

Install Light Timers 

Thieves and other intruders often identify lights as clues regarding the occupancy or activity within your home. Dark homes with their lights turned off often attract intruders as it makes it easier for them to break in unnoticed. Additionally, homes with their lights turned off for extended periods of time may give potential intruders clues that the owners may be away on vacation. 

 You can help disguise your activity and confuse potential thieves and other intruders by installing light timers in and around your home. This can help give your home the appearance that someone is home even if you are away on vacation. Additionally, this can help lower energy costs and save you money on electricity bills. 

Temporarily Cancel ODivert Mail Services 

If you have decided to take a vacation during the holiday seasons, large piles of newspapers and mail could begin to build up outside your home giving potential intruders clues regarding the occupancy of your home. Because of this, it may be a good idea to cancel your mail services while you are away to prevent any telltale build-ups of unclaimed mail. 

Alternatively, you could temporarily divert your mail to a trusted friend or family member while you are away. Another option would be to arrange for a trusted neighbour or friend to collect mail left at your house while you are on vacation. 

You could also use a combination of a smart door lock and a smart video doorbell to enable the postman to gain access to your house to place the package inside. While this is the most expensive option, a smart lock/doorbell solution will not only benefit you in this scenario but has many other home security benefits. All of which you can find in our buying guides if you are interested.

Package thievery is also more common during holiday seasons due to the large amounts of gifts being transferred. This makes sending and receiving gifts through postal and delivery systems riskier during this time of the year. Temporarily diverting your mail to postal stations/offices for you to manually retrieve during the holiday seasons could help prevent any of your valuable packages from being stolen. 

Consider Upgrading Your Security System 

One of the most effective ways to secure your home during the holidays is to upgrade and improve your home security systems.  

 There are many new technologies and devices, such as smart doorbells and locks to help you identify visitors and protect your home against potential intruders, that you can use to achieve this. Additionally, installing extra CCTV and smart cameras around your home will allow you to monitor and protect your home over the holidays. 

 Other effective smart security devices such as smart package mats can help you protect your delivered packages. This device arms when items are placed on top of it and if the parcels are removed without permission, the device will trigger an alarm. It can even notify you on your smartphone when items are placed or removed from it. 

Be Careful What You Post OSocial Media 

Broadcasting your experiences and activities on social media may be an effective way to share your memories with your friends and family, but it also gives potential thieves and intruders access to your whereabouts, the status of your home, potential contents of your home etc.  

 Smart criminals today use social media to monitor your home and plan their criminal activities. Therefore, you may wish to be careful what you say and post on social media as revealing too much information regarding your holiday plans or your location might attract thieves and other intruders to your home.  

 Additionally, showing off your new phone or tablet on social media might also attract thieves. Thus, it could be helpful to set your social media accounts to private or at least limit what you share on social media to prevent giving potential thieves too much information regarding your activities.

There you have it, 5 easy to implement ideas for reducing the likelihood of your home being targeted while you are on holidays. If you liked this blog, you might also like our blog on 5 Ways Home Automation Can Improve Security.

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