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Melbourne has consistently been ranked as one of the safest cities in Australia, as well as in the world, to live in and visit. Obviously, some suburbs are safer than others and this often depends on the level and type of infrastructure available in each of the areas.

Law enforcement services are constantly working to make Melbourne city a safer place for all of its residents and visitors, and are currently enjoying a measure of success as trends indicate a decrease in the number of recorded incidents from last year.

Streets of Melbourne with tram linesMelbourne Crime Statistics

The Crime Statistics Agency analyses administrative data received from the Victoria Police Department to provide reports on the state’s crime rates, based on either local government area or by offense type. According to published information on their website, over the last year, Melbourne experienced a 6.5% decrease (per 100,000 resident population) in the number of offenses recorded.

The most prominent type of crime in Melbourne recorded in the last year is ‘Other Theft’ which occurs under the ‘Property and Deception offenses’ division. Another theft excludes motor vehicle theft, stealing from a motor vehicle, stealing from a retail store, theft of a bicycle, receiving or handling stolen goods, and fare evasion. It can, therefore, be interpreted as theft of property other than the items mentioned.

The second most prominent form of crime recorded in Melbourne is ‘Obtain Benefit by Deception’ under the Property and Deception offenses division again. After that, ‘Breach of Bail Conditions’ which falls under ‘Justice Procedures Offences’ is next in line.

Therefore, none of the top three prominent crimes subcategories involves crimes of a violent nature. These are specified in other subcategory divisions that involve aggravated incidences.

Breaking and entering statistics follow this trend as residential aggravated burglary in Melbourne occurred at a rate of 63.7 per 100,000 of the residing population, compared to residential non-aggravated burglary which occurred at a rate of 407 per 100,000 of the residing population in the last year.

When it comes to ‘Crimes Against The Person Statistics’ in the last year ‘Non-Family Violence (FV) Common Assault’ had the highest incidence per 100,000 of the resident population and this was reported approximately 70% less than Other Theft. Homicide and related offenses scored lowly and had an incidence of 8 per 100,000.

Explanatory note: The rates per 100,000 of the resident population are calculated by the Crime Statistics Agency using the incident, report, or offense count for the stipulated time frame and the most up to date Estimated Resident Population (ERP) information.

Rate per 100,000 = incident/report/offence count/ERP) * 100,000

A really valuable website you can use for checking out different parts of Victoria is the Crime Statistic Agency Map. The map visually shows by region the different crime statistics and other interesting information.

Home Safety In Melbourne

Although Melbourne is, for the most part, a safe city to live in everyone has a responsibility to play their part in keeping their city safe, family and belongings protected. It is not difficult to secure your home from unwanted intruders, and following some of these easy tips can give you peace of mind and protection against unsolicited entry to your home.

  • Secure your house at night or when you leave home by closing windows and locking entrance doors that give access to the interior of the house.
  • Remove valuable possessions from plain sight of the windows, or draw the curtains. If potential intruders are able to peer in and see things worth stealing they may attempt to break in.
  • Install a home security alarm system to monitor your security and notify you of intrusion on your property.
  • Use a monitoring company to respond to triggered alarms and instances of intrusion. Not only is this a great deterrent against thieves but it also means that protection services will be on hand in a short space of time.
  • Build a wall or fence around your property to make access to it more difficult for people attempting to enter without permission.
  • Use smart door locks and smart doorbells to see and communicate with people at your entrance without having to open the door to find out who they are

Personal Safety In Melbourne

Residents and visitors to Melbourne enjoy a safe and vibrant lifestyle in Australia’s second most populous city. It is always advisable to be aware of your surroundings and follow a few basic precautions to ensure your own safety though.

  • Do not leave your valuables such as a camera, phone, bicycle etc. unattended
  • Avoid walking alone at night in unpopulated or dark areas, rather stick to busy and well-lit areas
  • Contact a member of law enforcement services if you feel unsafe or have an uneasy feeling about a situation
  • Let a family member or friend know where you are at all times

Taking care of your property and staying safe in Melbourne is a matter of keeping your wits about you and implementing a few common-sense practices that you would in any city or place of the world.

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