The overall safety score of a city is determined by a myriad of factors. Using existing infrastructure efficiently and relying on successful partnerships between all the employment sectors play an important and inadmissible role. The design of the city’s urban architecture and its community focus also helps to keep all of the inhabitants safe.

Darwin, the capital city of the Northern Territory in Australia, is known for its popular beaches and famous museums. Although Darwin is considered tourist-friendly and relatively safe, it is still recommended to keep a close eye on your belongings and remain vigilant. Following necessary precautions will help to keep you out of harm’s way, no matter what city you are in.

beach in Darwin with the sunset in backgroundDarwin Crime Statistics

The latest report by the Northern Territory Police relating to criminal offences in Darwin helps to shed some light regarding crime rate fluctuations over the past two years. These offence statistics are extracted from the Darwin urban centre which consists of Darwin City and the surrounding suburbs.

Over the past two years, offences in the ‘Offences Against Property’ division were much more prevalent than crimes committed in the ‘Crimes Against the Person’ division. However, there has been a 9.9% decline in reported incidents related to property offences when comparing 2018 statistics to that of previous years.

According to the report issued by the Northern Territory Police, the chances of you falling victim to a criminal property offence were three times more likely than you being a victim of personal crime in 2017 to 2018. These crimes against property include offences like property damage, theft of a vehicle, commercial break-ins and house break-ins.

When looking at the time period between 2016 and 2018 the number of house break-ins in Darwin have declined by 18.9%. Commercial break-ins have also seen a dive of 14.5% and the number of reported incidents relating to car theft has dropped by 14%.

The ‘Crimes Against the Person’ division has seen a rise of 5% when looking at reported criminal offences from 2016 to 2018. The offence categories under this division include domestic violence and related assault, assault caused by the misuse of alcohol and sexual assault.

The number of offence cases relating to general assault, not including domestic violence, has risen by 5.2% over the course of the last two years.  The amount of alcohol-related and domestic assault offences both have risen by 5.8% and 8.3% respectively.

Sexual assault has seen no change in the number of reported offences in the last two years. Compared to the other categories in the ‘Crimes Against the Person’ division it also has the lowest rate of offence occurrence.

Home Safety In Darwin

Even though the number of unlawful entries and home invasions have dropped by 18.9% over the last two years in Darwin, they are still a very real possibility if you don’t adhere to the necessary precautions that will help to keep your house secure. These next few tips will lessen the chances of you encountering an unwanted visitor in your house.

  • Install a smart doorbell and smart locks on your doors that will help you to monitor and grant access to visitors from any location.
  • Upgrade the walls or fences around your property in such a way that strangers will have limited visibility when trying to peer into your house or assess the contents of your garden.
  • Secure sliding doors and windows by ensuring they have tinted and shatterproof glass. You can make any window shatterproof by professionally installing window film.
  • Install an alarm system that is connected to a reliable security company. Whenever the alarm is triggered in case of an emergency you will have the reassurance that help is on the way.
  • Do not tell everybody when you are going on vacation. If word gets out, intruders will know they have the perfect opportunity to target your home.
  • Install security beams around your house that are triggered by movement. If you don’t own any outside pets, then this security measure will inform you immediately of any intruders.

Personal Safety In Darwin

Personal safety should always be considered a top priority even if you are in a relatively safe city like Darwin. These next precautions can easily be incorporated into your day-to-day life and will help to give you some peace of mind.

  • Don’t carry valuable items with you but if you do make sure they stay concealed.
  • Be mindful of your surroundings. If someone acts suspicious go to your nearest law enforcement agency to report the matter.
  • Take a self-defence class. Basic knowledge of how to defend yourself in the worst possible situations can be useful.

Having an actionable plan when it comes to personal safety or home security is always advisable. Darwin is considered fairly safe but remaining vigilant should still be one of your everyday priorities.

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