The Evolution & History Of Home Security Systems 

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Throughout history, people have sought protection from unwanted intruders. Home security systems have therefore been constantly evolving to improve the security needs of homeowners and tenants across the world.

By creating and improving home security systems, people have been able to formulate protection for themselves and their property and eradicate the need to remain constantly vigilant.

door lockEarly Home Security Systems

The earliest home security systems can be traced back to ancient civilizations such as Rome, Greece and Egypt who made use of basic wooden pin locks to protect their homes from intruders. However, these locks were not very strong and were easily broken with brute force. It wasn’t until later that the Romans improved the lock design by adding metal components to increase their strength and security.

Due to the limited technology available, security options in these times were lacking, making it difficult for people to protect their homes from intruders. Some people made use of animals such as dogs as a form of an alarm/security system while the more wealthy would hire armed guards to keep watch and protect their homes.

Medieval Home Security Systems

During the medieval ages, people began thinking of more creative ways of protecting their homes from potential intruders. In the 1600’s a few Japanese houses/temples/castles were equipped with nightingale floors. These floors were connected to a system of metal nails located underneath the surface that would rub against metal plates when pressure was added. This would create a noise that would alert the homeowners or anyone nearby of any intruders that stepped foot on these floors.

In this period it became common for people to build fences, or walls in the case of the wealthy, around their houses to add extra obstacles for potential intruders to overcome. Additionally, bells were sometimes placed behind doors as a form of alarm system that warned the person living there that someone had entered the building.

Improvements in lock technology also offered homeowners added protection and by this period, locks had become a common house security mechanism. Locks were fabricated completely from metal making them sturdier and more difficult to force open. However, this quickly led to the advancement of lock picking techniques amongst thieves and other intruders.

Home Security Systems In The Industrial Revolution

Augustus Pope filed the first electrical-based alarm bell patent in 1853 that made use of magnets and electrical circuits that were connected to doors and windows and would set off an alarm if opened. Additionally, he implemented a feature that would allow the alarm to continue ringing even after the door/window was closed making it more difficult for intruders to disable the alarm. These alarm systems were only manufactured on a large scale later in 1857.

Barred windows and gates became more common in this period as a physical defensive barrier for occupants from potential intruders. Lights also became a form of home security as they created visibility around peoples homes making it easier to spot intruders and unlawful activities potentially less attractive.

At the same time, locks were becoming more advanced making them much more difficult to pick and therefore increasing their security and reliability. Additionally, due to advancements in production systems, locks became relatively inexpensive and common, making them more accessible and popular.

Modern Day Home Security Systems

Homeowners today have a plethora of options when it comes to home security due to rapid advancements in technology and alarm systems. Alarm systems today have multiple alert systems as they not only notify the homeowner but also the relevant security/police services to an intrusion. This provides much more security than traditional security systems as people can now look to law enforcement to protect their homes from intruders.

Motion sensor technology has provided homeowners with more tools to defend their homes as modern-day motion sensors can detect even the slightest of movement and accurately differentiate between pets and other animals or intruders. This makes it much more difficult for home invaders to breach houses equipped with these technologies undetected. From basic garden solar lights that detect simple movement, to advanced baby monitors, and some of the best home security camera systems around, that can see the difference between familiar faces and strangers.

Electric fences allow people to create defensive perimeters surrounding their homes which drastically increase the security of the protected home. Additionally, surveillance technology provides homeowners with early warning systems by allowing them to remotely keep watch of any sections of their home and its surroundings.

Smart security systems have also been developed that allow users to remotely manage and track all their house security systems from a single device such as a phone or tablet. This provides residents with more insight and control over their personal security. For example, the top video doorbells and smart door locks can be controlled through apps.

Home security systems have kept people safe throughout history and continue to keep people as well as their families and belongings safe today. These systems have seen many advancements and improvements over time, especially within the modern age where personal security and safety are highly valued by homeowners and their tenants across the world.

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