It is not uncommon for people to spend many hours a week driving their cars. According to the motor vehicle use survey by the ABS, people travel an average of 13,716km per year! It is no wonder cars have become a prominent part of many people’s lives today. Therefore, to help improve their driving experience, people often seek new devices and smart technologies to help improve the capabilities and features of their cars.

smart car dashboardSmart GPS Tracker

Smart GPS tracking technology of today can help you keep track of your vehicle remotely, even in the event of theft. This improves the safety and security of your car as any stolen cars using this technology can be easily tracked and therefore recovered by law enforcement.

Additionally, many of these devices offer accompanying apps that allow you to receive live updates and tracking features on your smartphone device.

Vyncs 3G GPS is a smart GPS car tracker. Unlike many other similar devices, the Vyncs 3G doesn’t require a monthly subscription and is offered as a once-off purchase instead. Using this device, you can keep track of your car easily and conveniently using your smartphone.

Additionally, this device can keep track of and update you on various other things such as the current fuel level, vehicle diagnostics, fuel economy etc.

Smart Diagnostics Assistant

Many car owners today wish to have more information and knowledge of the various performance metrics and systems in their cars. Unfortunately monitoring and understanding the various systems and components within cars is often complicated for most people.

Therefore, to help provide car owners with easier and more accessible information and insight over their vehicles, there are now new smart diagnostic assistant devices available that do exactly that.

Using smart driving assistant devices such as the OBDLink LX Bluetooth, you can track and monitor your car’s performance using the smart device to analyse and provide you with real-time performance statistics and other relevant information.

This device is compatible with most cars from 1996 onwards and can help you to self-diagnose problems without the need to take your car in and resulting in costly evaluation processes.

Additionally, devices such as these can be connected to smartphones, as well as laptops and computers, to provide you with more comprehensive system analyses. As a car owner, you can then interact with, troubleshoot, as well as monitor your car based on the information provided by smart diagnostic devices like these.

Smart Glass

Windscreens with built-in HUD (heads up display) have long been the subject of science fiction media. Unfortunately, this technology does not yet exist today, however; there are relatively similar alternatives for car owners today. HUDWAY Glass offers drivers with a close alternative that can be mounted on the dashboard of your car to provide the driver with a HUD.

This device uses a glass panel to display key information such as current speed, average speed, time etc. Additionally, this device can be connected and paired with your smartphone to help provide other useful information such as navigational directions. This information is shown on the screen using a teleprompter that reflects images on the screen allowing you to easily see additional information without taking your eyes off the road.

Smart Satellite Navigation Systems

GPS navigation devices today are almost becoming a staple piece of equipment for modern car owners. These devices help you easily navigate and travel to various locations by providing accurate directions and other navigational assistance. Additionally, these devices can provide you with other useful information such as nearby points of interest, restaurants, emergency services etc.

Smart GPS technology today goes one step ahead of this as seen in the Garmin DriveLuxe 51. This  GPS navigational device provides you with a wide variety of useful features such as live traffic reports, parking reports, voice recognition and more.

Car Wi-Fi Devices

Internet access is a vital part of everyday life for many people. Wi-fi connectivity is however limited and usually not available when driving a car. This can be a problem if you need constant access to the internet and spend a lot of time driving. Thus, devices such as Vinli help provide your car with mobile wi-fi connectivity by turning it into a wi-fi hotspot.

This device allows you to connect other smart devices to the created wi-fi network. Additionally, you can manage and control other smart devices within your car through the created wi-fi network. However, you will need to buy data for this device which will cost around $10 for 500mb of data. Additionally, this device has the added benefit of allowing you to remotely keep track of your vehicle.

Dash Cameras

Dash Cameras have become increasingly more common across the world over the past decade. The dash cam evolution  This has been due to the improvements in not only the quality of the cameras but also the features they come with. Features such as parking mode, which enable your camera to stay turned on while parked and audible speed warnings move dash cams into the smart device category. If you would like to learn more, you can check out our massive comparison of the best dash cams in Australia.

As a car owner, smart technology today can greatly enhance and improve your driving experience by providing new and innovative features that use smart devices and other smart technologies. By using smart devices such as the ones mentioned above, you are able to gain more control and insight over your vehicle and enjoy more features than ever before.

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