We created WiredSmart so that we can Improve the quality of life for people in their homes and community through buying smart technology that suits them and their needs.

At WiredSmart we believe that technology has been a driver of evolution for humans. Technology, when used for good, can massively improve people’s lives.

Naturally, both Travis and I look for products every day that can make things easier or even just have that cool factor to them.

As a result, it made sense to start doing product reviews on what we love so that we can share our perspective and give our readers a trustworthy source for finding these products.

Our vision is that every home and community has one large network of devices that work together for the greater good. From motorized blinds, to your smart fridge that talks to your smart robot cleaner.


Conduct considered reviews and comparisons on smart technology products for the home and car. You can read our full process here.