We created WiredSmart so that we can Improve the quality of life for people in their homes and community through buying smart technology that suits them and their needs.

At WiredSmart we believe that technology has been a driver of evolution for humans. Technology, when used for good, can massively improve people’s lives.

Naturally, both Travis and I look for products every day that can make things easier or even just have that cool factor to them.

As a result, it made sense to start doing product reviews on what we love so that we can share our perspective and give our readers a trustworthy source for finding these products. The way we rate and rank the products on our comparison pages are a combination of testing and user reviews. For products that are difficult to fully test (due to cost and/or time limitations) we use third-party user reviews to rate them.

Our vision is that every home and community has one large network of devices that work together for the greater good. From motorized blinds, to your smart fridge that talks to your smart robot cleaner.

The Team

Travis Young

Having worked in sales for 5+ years, mainly selling tech stuff like laptops, smart watches, etc. His favourite thing to do aside from drinking lactose-free mochas, is watching unboxing videos of tech gadgets.

One of his favourite youtubers is Linus Tech Tips. On the weekends he likes to get away from the computer and spend time with the kids, because balance is everything!

Mark Davies

Mark is late 20’s tech enthusiast who loves teching out his car or home. Mark is a web developer by trade and likes to build websites as a hobby. Mark loves asian culture and as result loves eating sushi or katsu curry on the regular. Mark and Travis met at a local WordPress event and have been friends ever since. Their shared love for technology made starting Wired Smart a no brainer.

Mark in his spare time likes to go rock climbing or bouldering and loves listening to podcasts from Joe Rogan and Sam Harris. What’s one thing that Mark believes in: That any problem without a solution is merely a technical problem that has just not been solved yet by a scientist or engineer.